Helpful Tips & Hints
Glisten Microwave Cleaner

For a truly clean microwave, follow these simple tips:

How long should I wait before I remove Glisten® Microwave Cleaner from my microwave?
You should wait until the Scrubber is safe to the touch. By rule of thumb we say wait about 3 minutes.

After using Glisten® Microwave Cleaner and scrubbing the walls to remove the stains, there was a large amount of foam. What should I do?
To remove the excess foam, use a damp sponge, cloth or towel to remove the excess foam inside your machine.

How many uses can I get out of each Scrubber?
Each scrubber is designed for a one-time use.

Is Glisten® Microwave Cleaner safe for all types of microwave?
Yes, Glisten® Microwave Cleaner is safe for use on all types of microwave ovens.

I had formula residues on my hands after using Glisten® Microwave Cleaner. Is it dangerous?
Excessive contact is not recommended, but generally handling the product for use is not harmful. However, after using Glisten® Microwave Cleaner, it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water.

Will Glisten® Microwave Cleaner leave chemical residues that will cling to food that I prepare in the microwave?
If used as directed, and properly disposed of, Glisten® Microwave Cleaner will not leave residual chemicals in your microwave.

Will Glisten® Microwave Cleaner leave a strong scent after use?
Glisten® Microwave Cleaner will leave a fresh, lemony scent after use.

How do I dispose of the Scrubber after use?
To dispose of the Scrubber, simply discard it into the trash

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