Helpful Tips & Hints
Glisten Washer Magic

Get the most from your washing machine & eliminate that musty smell with these tips and tricks:

  • Traditional top loading, front loading or new High Efficiency (HE) machine, no problem! Add Glisten Washer Magic to the washer tub if you have a traditional machine and to the detergent draw in your front loading machine.
  • Eliminate musty odors without leaving behind clumpy gunk and grimes that puck and powder cleaners do with our easy to use liquid formula.
  • Have a persistent odor? Apply liquid to cloth & wipe rubber seal around door and soap dispenser - grime likes to hide here.
  • For washers with existing residue problems, follow packaging directions using the entire bottle of Washer Magic.
  • Do not add clothing or detergent to the cycle when using Glisten.

Keep your washing machine running for years to come with these general maintenance tips:

  • Replace water hoses every 5 years. Check your hoses from time to time for any signs of wear or weakness. Over time, water hoses that came with your new washing machine may leak or burst.
  • Keep your washer level. Be sure all four legs are always touching the floor. If your machine becomes off balance, it can literally walk across the room and damage your items in its path. If you notice your washer becoming wobbly, adjust the front leveling legs with a lug nut to maintain the proper height.
  • Properly dispose of lint. Most machines collect lint during the wash cycle. You need to lift out the tube or filter that collects lint to clean it periodically. Simply slide it out, clean it off and reinsert.
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