Helpful Tips & Hints
Glisten Disposer Care

When using Glisten® Disposer & Drain Freshener, please keep in mind these tips:

  • Using hot water helps to clean your disposer and will help breakdown the Glisten Freshener capsule
  • Be sure to use a weaker stream of water, approximately pencil-width is perfect
  • Keep the stream of water running as the disposer is running and being refreshed
  • Run the disposer for at least 15 seconds
  • Revive the scent by running your disposer with a burst of hot water periodically

Keep your disposer in peak condition with these maintenance tips:

  • Run the water for a few seconds before adding any food remnants, then add gradually, don't scrape your entire plate of leftovers into it.
  • Disposers don't normally respond well to starchy foods like potatoes and rice, limit the amount of these items in the disposer
  • Avoid adding fruit pits to your disposal. They'll eventually break up within the unit but they'll be bouncing around in there for some time while adding to the unpleasant odor.
  • Celery strands should always be placed in the trash can. They will eventually stink if stuck in the disposer. But the real danger is they can wrap around the base of the blades and eventually grind your whole unit to a complete stop.
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