Helpful Tips & Hints
Glisten Disposer Care

When using Glisten® Disposer Care®, please keep in mind these cleaning tips:

  • The disposer is turned off and all remaining food waste is flushed out with water
  • Run a strong steam of hot water into the disposer-side sink (but not directly into the drain) for about a minute
  • Reduce stream until water flow is roughly the width of a pencil, and allow stream to continue draining into the disposer-side sink
  • Insert one biodegradable Glisten Disposer Care packet completely into the disposer
  • If content packets are solid, knead with your fingers to break up
  • Once inserted, turn on your disposer and watch the powerful foaming action rid your disposer of excess build-up and nasty odors
  • Cleaning time varies, but should take between 2-4 minutes. Cleaning is complete when the foam retreats into the disposer and you hear a swish of water
  • Rinse the remaining foam left in your sink into the drain and you are finished!

Click here for an instructional video about Disposer Care®

Other General Disposer Tips

  • Never mix cleaners. There is always a chance for a negative reaction. Make sure any surface is rid of other chemicals before using more chemical.
  • Never use hot water in your disposer unless you are using a disposer cleaner like Glisten Disposer Care. The high temperature of the water can melt fat scraps and oils which may re-solidify as a blockage further down the drain's pipes
  • Safe for all septic systems, plumbing and plumbing fixtures
  • Disposers will instantly shut off when over-heated, use Glisten Disposer Care monthly to clean, freshen and maintain your disposer.
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