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Glisten Disposer Care
Glisten® Disposer Care Freshener cleans what home remedies and other brands cannot. Glisten reaches deep to rinse away the toughest grunge and foul odors while freshening your whole kitchen. Convenient and easy to use. Use daily or as needed to maintain your disposer and drains. 
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What it Does:  Disposer Care Freshener is designed to clean and freshen your disposer between cleanings with Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner

How it Works:  The disposer blades puncture the gelatin outer coating of each Disposer Care Freshener capsule and releases the contents. When mixed with water a burst of fresh aroma is released as it is cleaning. To revive the scent, run a small stream of water into the disposer.

How Often to Use:  Disposer Care Freshener is recommended to be use twice a week for lightly used disposers. Additional applications may be necessary for frequently used disposers.

Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials: Safe for all disposers and pipes

Precautions and Safety:

  • Do not break open capsules or take internally.
  • Keep away from heat and open flames.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals
  • Keep out of reach or children and pets
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Do not ingest

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What does Glisten Disposer & Drain Freshener do?
Glisten Freshener designed for use in properly working disposers. The purpose is to help clean and deodorize your garbage disposal.

Where can I buy Glisten Disposer & Drain Freshener? 
As for all of our products, it is best to contact the retailer for availability before going to the store for purchase. Visit our WHERE TO BUY page to locate a store near you.

How do I use Glisten Freshener?

  • Run disposer with full stream of hot water for one minute to clear it of any scraps.
  • Turn off disposer and reduce water to a slow stream (pencil width). 
  • Refresh your sink by dropping in one Glisten Freshener capsule and turning on disposer for 15 seconds. 
  • Turn off disposer and water. You just refreshed your sink.

Can Glisten Freshener clog a sink?
If used properly, Glisten Freshener will not clog a sink. Directions call for one unit to be dropped into the disposal and run for 15 seconds. Any drain is easily wider than a Disposer Care Freshener ball. This product is designed only to be used as directed. The user assumes responsibility if the product is used in a sink without a disposer or used more than one application at once in a sink that was already clogged.

There was no lemon smell after using Glisten Freshener, did I do something wrong?
Be sure to adhere to the tips below:

  • Try the process again using hot water. 
  • Try the product again with a weaker stream of water
  • Keep the stream of water running as the disposer is running
  • Run the disposer for at least 15 seconds

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By: Allison
July 31, 2014
Disposer Care Freshener leaves my kitchen sink and my entire kitchen smelling fresh and clean. Its my go-to for a quick sink refresher!
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